Pico Genie projector

I first came across the Pico Genie wireless portable projector (M550 Plus to give it its full moniker) at a network business meeting where it was being used to display a Powerpoint presentation.

Its dimensions are those of a thick A5 sized book, which meets my criterion for any kit that I have to lug about – small and light. However its diminutive size belies its abilities.

It will accept cable input via VGA, HDMI and an AV port, has 2 USB ports, has wireless connectivity to almost any device and has its own 3-hour internal battery.

Android 4.4.4 is also installed so you can actually display a presentation without needing a laptop. You could actually turn up to a venue without an accessible power supply and give your presentation, having previously installed the Android version of Microsoft Powerpoint.

It even has its own miniature keyboard and touchpad.

You won’t be surprised that I actually bought one, along with a fold-up table top screen (remember my criterion about kit that I have to lug about.

You can read more about it here by clicking on the image below: