Hosting options on

If you choose to host a website on by having a sub-domain with the format there are a number of options from which you can choose:-

Option 1
Link directly to your own existing website with automatic redirection to that site.  Annual charge: £90.00

Option 2
‘Taster’ information on the webpage with a clickable link to your existing website. Annual charge: £175.00

Option 3
A sub-domain comprising your <yourname> with a website fully managed by wetherbyweb. Also includes the option for you to add your own content including images using a smartphone, tablet or laptop/pc.  Annual charge: £350.00

Option 4
As option 3 but with a sub-domain name option of a generic name such as  Annual charge: £440.00

Option 5
As Options 3 or 4 with an e-commerce plugin to permit online shopping.  Annual charge: £750.00

Email the webmaster to discuss these options