Have your viewing figures gone down since July?

Why July? Well, that’s when Google updated the Chrome browser to version 69 which identified http sites as “Not secure” while https sites show the padlock sign to indicate that they are secure.

If Chrome indicates that your website is “Not secure”, especially if it’s an e-commerce site, do you think that viewers are likely to go to your Shop and input their credit card details? So have sales gone down since July.

Google also rates secure (https) sites higher in their search pages (SERPs) than “Not secure” (http).

Not looking good is it?

However all is not lost. It’s a simple and relatively inexpensive procedure to buy an SSL certificate (that verifies you as the site owner) and make the traffic between your site and your potential customer’s browser secure.

Ask your webmaster or ISP. However if your webmaster says, as one did to me, “You don’t need one. Stop worrying and get a life!” it’s time to look for a new webmaster.

If you need any help or advice get in touch via this enquiry form (safe in the knowledge that your information is secure)