Create a Google my Business account add a location map to your website & add reviews to your WordPress site

  1. Sign up to a Gmail account with Google at You will need this account to access several Google services.
  2. Sign up to a Google my Business account at Await the postcard from Google with the code which will enable you to verify your location so that it appears on Google Maps.
  3. Search for your business on Google Maps once verified.
  4. Go to the Share icon part way down the listing and click on it. Click on Embed a map in the pop-up and then click on Copy HTML.
  5. Go to your WordPress website and open/create the page on which you want the map to appear. Choose the Text tab and paste the Embed text into the page. Save the page and then view it to check that it works OK. Not only will the map appear but also a link to any reviews people have written will also appear in the text box at the top of the page.
  6. Not got any reviews? Then ASK for some from satisfied customers. They need to go to your GmB account and click on Write a Review.
  7. If you want your reviews to appear on your website you need to add a suitable plugin to the site. Go to your ‘add new’ option of the Plugins link in your site’s dashboard. Type Google Reviews Widget in the Search field and download the plugin to your site then activate it.
  8. Click on the Settings link and choose Settings from the tabs at the top of the page. Click on the ‘Enable’ button and then follow the instructions to obtain a Google Places API key and paste it into the API field.
  9. Click on the Shortcode tab and then the link ‘this instruction’. Scroll down the new web page till you reach How To Find Any Google Place ID… and follow the instructions till you find the data-pid code and copy it into the Place-ID field on your website. Then click on ‘Connect Google’. Your short code will appear in the box containing the text ‘Connect Google place to show the shortcode’.
  10. Copy the code to a new page in your website, having switched to the text tab.
  11. Save the page and then view it to check that its working.
  12. An alternative method of displaying the reviews is to go to the widgets page and drag the Google Reviews widget to the sidebar, fill in the place id and save.
  13. You can set which website page shows the sidebar widget using the ‘Show’ options.

Here are two websites where you can see the reviews in action:-

That’s all there is to it!

If you would like me to carry out the work you get in touch and I’ll quote you a price. (M) 07966 355054