Look what Google’s Site Kit does for you

Google provides you with four useful tools to monitor the performance of your website:

Analytics, Search Control, PageSpeed Insights and Adsense

Each has its own website, meaning that you have to go to each of them for a complete overview of your website’s performance.


Google’s WordPress plugin combines all four tools into one dashboard that can be viewed within a website’s own dashboard. Each tool website can then be accessed .

If you administer a WordPress website and its performance this plugin is a MUST HAVE.

Download and install it now!

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What hackers do with compromised websites

The security provider Wordfence has published a Blog article answering this question. It is based on research they have carried out. It’s a useful and informative read and may surprise you if you think that hackers wouldn’t be interested in your site because you’re not a giant Internet business.

You can read it by clicking here

Adding Facebook to your website

If you started your business with a Facebook page, not least because it was free and easy to use, and you now want to switch to a proper website but not lose that Facebook content, what do you do?

You can now incorporate your timeline into your WordPress website using a dedicated plugin. This is what it looks like. All the content is clickable taking the viewer to your Facebook page:



Make your phone number clickable

As more than 50% of websites are viewed on phones these days why not make your phone number clickable.

Here’s the link format in html:-

<a href=”tel:07966355054″>Call me</a>


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Affordable website design and hosting plus a free online guide with personalised classifications

Using Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress [and Joomla] you have the total flexibility of a fully-managed site or one where you can submit content using a pc, tablet or smartphone. All software is kept up to date using the ManageWP utility, while SaaS (Software as a Service) means that the site can be managed from any computer/device with an Internet connection. The banner slideshow above exhibits a number of sites in the community, charity and commercial sectors.

As an added bonus there is a vast array of free, premium and bespoke designs that can be used to theme your website.