2013 Top Ten website features

Here are the Top Ten website features that I have added to my customers’ websites in 2013. Many of them are WordPress plugins. Other CMSs are available (but not as good):-

  1. WordPress Multi User – You can add as many sub-domains as you want to your main website in a matter of seconds and manage them all from one Admin panel. There is a choice of format; subdomain.website.com or website.com/subdomain.
  2. ManageWP – Update the software and plugins on any self-hosted WordPress site on any server, check and maintain security and add articles to more than one site at once.
  3. Social – A WordPress plugin by Mail Chimp that enables you to publish a website article to your Facebook page(s) and Twitter account(s) just by pressing a button on your article’s Edit page. A real timesaver!
  4. Yoast SEO – Improve the innate SEO of your WordPress website with this plugin by Joost de Valk, reputedly the best SEO plugin there is. Simple to drive with advice, instructions and an innovative traffic light system.
  5. Statcounter – A simple alternative to Google Analytics that will tell you anything you want to know about the people who have visited your website.
  6. Twitter cards – Add another 200 characters to your 140 character Tweet and display logos, photo or video.
  7. FS Secure Contact Form – Reduce spam and avoid disclosing your email address to malicious site visitors. Uses Captcha codes.
  8. Add This – Enable your visitors to share your content via any Social media channel they wish, including some you may never have heard of.
  9. Slideshow – A simple plugin to show photos, text or videos with numerous slide and fade options.
  10. Snow Storm – Show snow falling gently (despite the name) on your site. Well, it is Christmas, isn’t it