I collect buts

Have you noticed how many sentences involving websites include the word ‘but’ somewhere near the middle of the sentence? Well, just as other people collect butterflies I collect these ‘buts’, deal with them humanely then mount them on a pin and add them to my collection. Here are a few examples:-

  1. “I like my website design BUT I think the background colour should be a bit lighter
  2. “I want to blog, Facebook and tweet BUT I just don’t have time for all three”
  3. “I like WordPress BUT I’m worried about security”
  4. “My website describes my products and services BUT I want to be able to sell them online too”

Here’s how I dealt with these ‘buts’:-

So, bring me your ‘buts’ and I’ll add them to my collection.

No ‘buts’ were hurt in the writing of this article.