Posted by email

This message was posted by email, with the Subject line becoming the post’s title and the body of the email being the article text.

It means that you can add articles to your Blog with nothing more complicated than a smartphone to hand.

It’s another example of how effective a WordPress website can be.

As you can set your WordPress website to automatically publish your posts to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media platforms, one simple email can publish your content to numerous locations.

It’s not magic, but it gets pretty close!

One to one presentations

In the course of my website design work I need to meet my customers and present my proposals for discussion.

This type of meeting would obviously benefit from a second screen for my customers to view, rather than us both trying to look at the typical laptop screen with its narrow viewing angle.

Carrying around a bulky monitor or having to book a meeting room with a projector and/or screen is not really practical so I searched for an alternative and eventually came across a lightweight LED screen offered by ASUS. It comes with its own carry case which doubles as a stand and it plugs into a USB port.

Between times it can be used as an extended display which is also useful in your design work or on an exhibition stand for displaying presentations.