Improve your site's security

When you installed your WordPress website did you accept the default administrator name 'admin'? If you did you have compromised your security by 50%. All a hacker has to do now is guess your password.

However, all is not lost. Here are a few simple steps that will regain that lost initiative:-

  1. Create a new user with a name that will be more difficult to guess.
  2. Give that user administration rights
  3. Change your 'admin' to a subscriber only

Jetpack widget

If you have cut your teeth on a website before moving to a self-hosted website you will be familiar with Jetpack which is installed by default on their websites.

You can now install Jetpack, the most complete WordPress widget on your own website and have the following features at your disposal from ONE widget:-

  1. Visitor stats  - via
  2.  Publicize - Use social media to publicise your site's posts
  3. Notifications - Monitor and manage your site's activity
  4. Subscriptions - Allow your users to subscribe to posts and comments
  5. Post by email - Publish posts to your blog directly by email, perhaps from your smartphone
  6. After the deadline - spelling, style and grammar check
  7. Gravatar Hovercards - pop up business cards of your users' profiles
  8. Contact form - Insert one anywhere on your site
  9. Widget usability - Control what pages your widget appears on
  10. - shortlinks for easier sharing of your posts and pages
  11. Shortcut embeds - videpos and more from Youtube, Vimeo and Slideshare
  12. Custom CSS - without modifying your theme
  13. Extra sidebar widgets
  14. JSON API
  15. Mobile push notifications - on your mobile device

Write a post once - broadcast it three times

Do you write your blog article, then switch to Facebook and write it again and then log into Twitter to publicise either of them concluding with the addition of a link?

Want to do it only once?

Add the Social plugin by Mail Chimp to your WordPress website and broadcast an article at the push of  a button.

You can publish to more than one Facebook or Twitter account if you wish. Just add them to the admin page.

Enough time saved for another cup of coffee


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