The Teddy Bear Syndrome

Have you ever struggled to solve a problem and then sought help from someone else. In explaining the problem to that person the solution becomes obvious to you. You might as well have explained the problem to a teddy bear as the other person. That’s the teddy bear syndrome!

I’m being stalked by a black wheelie bin

It all started when the refuse collectors trashed my wheelie bin and it got swallowed by their compactor. They don’t tell you they’ve done it. They just slope off and leave you to find out. So I rang the council and they said they would deliver another bin in four weeks time (four weeks! – don’t they have any in stock?). They said I could put my rubbish in black bags and they would still collect it. Except they didn’t. They just stuck a label on the bags saying because they weren’t in a bin it was excess rubbish and …

Inline CSS

I am amazed at the number of websites that place their CSS inline in each page rather than have a separate css file accessed by each file. Separating style from content results in faster page loads and a better Google ranking. It’s a standard feature of a #Wordpress website or blog. Ask for more information….

What you get for your money

A wetherbyweb ‘WordPress’ website will provide you with a combined website and blog which will be integrated with your Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts. Posts on your website will automatically be tweeted, posted and posted respectively. Advice will be given on your content to improve SEO. The design will be selected from an existing theme, modified if you wish or a bespoke theme will be designed. One of the two main SEO plugins will be installed to improve your search engine ranking. Over time your operating system files and plugins will be kept up to date on a weekly basis, …

Improve your site’s security

When you installed your WordPress website did you accept the default administrator name ‘admin’? If you did you have compromised your security by 50%. All a hacker has to do now is guess your password. However, all is not lost. Here are a few simple steps that will regain that lost initiative:- Create a new user with a name that will be more difficult to guess. Give that user administration rights Change your ‘admin’ to a subscriber only

Jetpack widget

If you have cut your teeth on a website before moving to a self-hosted website you will be familiar with Jetpack which is installed by default on their websites. You can now install Jetpack, the most complete WordPress widget on your own website and have the following features at your disposal from ONE widget:- Visitor stats  – via  Publicize – Use social media to publicise your site’s posts Notifications – Monitor and manage your site’s activity Subscriptions – Allow your users to subscribe to posts and comments Post by email – Publish posts to your blog directly by …

Write a post once – broadcast it three times

Do you write your blog article, then switch to Facebook and write it again and then log into Twitter to publicise either of them concluding with the addition of a link? Want to do it only once? Add the Social plugin by Mail Chimp to your WordPress website and broadcast an article at the push of  a button. You can publish to more than one Facebook or Twitter account if you wish. Just add them to the admin page. Enough time saved for another cup of coffee

2013 Top Ten website features

Here are the Top Ten website features that I have added to my customers’ websites in 2013. Many of them are WordPress plugins. Other CMSs are available (but not as good):- WordPress Multi User – You can add as many sub-domains as you want to your main website in a matter of seconds and manage them all from one Admin panel. There is a choice of format; or ManageWP – Update the software and plugins on any self-hosted WordPress site on any server, check and maintain security and add articles to more than one site at once. Social …

Auto post to Google+

Just watched a video on how to auto post from WordPress to your Google+ account. Well worth watching. Here’s the link:


This is a test message to see if the Hootsuite stream sends this post to my Google+ account

Not just a website – my experience too

I was recently able to advise a website customer about agency and distributor law prior to his discussions with a German supplier. This was based on more than thirty years experience of dealing with the German market as a sales and marketing manager for a variety of B2B principals. You don’t just get a website when you deal with wetherbyweb. All this experience is freely shared with website customers – an added bonus to the bespoke website design that you pay for. Go to the ‘About the webmaster’ post for more information about my experience of products, markets and languages.

Hosting options on

If you choose to host a website on by having a sub-domain with the format [dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”perspective-left” width=”175px” height=”” background_color=”#c4c0c0″ border_width=”1″ border_color=”#181815″ inside_shadow=”false” ][/dropshadowbox] there are a number of options from which you can choose:-