A bad week for grammar in Wetherby

It’s not been a good week for the written word in the Wetherby press. First it was the Wetherby News that spelled museum as muesum. However this wasn’t a minor slip nestling in an obscure paragraph but a headline stating:- Muesum wins battle for rare memories of Tsars Then the glossy lifestyle Excelle magazine followed it up with an editorial which included the phrase “I couldn’t of wished for anyone better” followed later by the phrase “this months editors letter”. What happened to the ancient and noble art of proofreading?

Posted by email

This message was posted by email, with the Subject line becoming the post’s title and the body of the email being the article text. It means that you can add articles to your Blog with nothing more complicated than a smartphone to hand. It’s another example of how effective a WordPress website can be. As you can set your WordPress website to automatically publish your posts to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media platforms, one simple email can publish your content to numerous locations. It’s not magic, but it gets pretty close!

One to one presentations

In the course of my website design work I need to meet my customers and present my proposals for discussion. This type of meeting would obviously benefit from a second screen for my customers to view, rather than us both trying to look at the typical laptop screen with its narrow viewing angle. Carrying around a bulky monitor or having to book a meeting room with a projector and/or screen is not really practical so I searched for an alternative and eventually came across a lightweight LED screen offered by ASUS. It comes with its own carry case which doubles …

DIY Advent calendar

It will soon be the time of year for Advent calendars, most of which feature chocolate or other confectionery. However here’s a calendar for the serious beer drinker:- Cheers!

How to Import Blog Posts from Google Docs to WordPress

I’ve just read a blog article at Elegant Themes about Wordable, which does what the title says. So…. here’s my first attempt to use it. If it looks OK, it will be a useful tool for speeding up the writing and publishing of Blog articles. If you want to check it out for yourself here’s a link to Wordable’s website:- Wordable’s website link

What hackers do with compromised websites

The security provider Wordfence has published a Blog article answering this question. It is based on research they have carried out. It’s a useful and informative read and may surprise you if you think that hackers wouldn’t be interested in your site because you’re not a giant Internet business. You can read it by clicking here

Why an outdated website brought down Iceland’s prime minister

We have all heard about the so called “Panama Papers” described as “the largest data breach to journalists in history”. Here’s a Blog report by the security company Wordfence describing how Mossack Fonseca’s Panamanian website may have been hacked. It comes back to the old chestnut of not keeping your website up to date. One of the items distributed by the hackers was a report describing the Icelandic prime minister’s financial activities in Panama which led to PM Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson resigning over his tax avoidance. Link to the Wordfence Blog

Adding Facebook to your website

If you started your business with a Facebook page, not least because it was free and easy to use, and you now want to switch to a proper website but not lose that Facebook content, what do you do? You can now incorporate your timeline into your WordPress website using a dedicated plugin. This is what it looks like. All the content is clickable taking the viewer to your Facebook page:  

Consigned to history

I recently noticed a forgotten box in the loft as I retrieved the projector screen. It was my old 35m slide projector lying there forlorn and unused, having been overtaken by the technology which brought us Powerpoint. I had forgotten how I used to prepare a slideshow in the 80s. In a touch of nostalgia let me just run through the process. First of all the slides were all photographed using a 35mm SLR camera and slide film such as Kodachrome, Fujichrome or Agfachrome. Slides were duplicated using (not surprisingly) a slide duplicator which was fitted in place of the …