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With every wetherbyweb website you will receive free business advice.

How can I offer this?


Before becoming a full-time web designer I clocked up more than four decades as an export sales and marketing manager with more than a dozen companies. I left each one with higher profits or or higher turnover (or both) than when I started.

I also managed a German subsidiary company for two years, bringing it back to breakeven after a long period of lossmaking.

Even if my product experience doesn’t directly relate to your activities it shows how I can adapt to the demands of widely differing markets.

So ask me for a website and I’ll throw in the business advice for free.


A beer festival promotions concept that works

Are you planning a new beer festival and looking for a winning formula?

wetherbyweb can offer an integrated package comprising a CMS website, Facebook page and Twitter account that combine to attract sponsors prior to the event and visitors on the day.

The CMS (Content Management System)  uses WordPress to provide a website that can be managed easily with little prior experience, includes an easy-to-update Blog to keep your followers up to date and feeds your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) with news and updates automatically.

All for a cost of less than a £1 a day. Your domain name comprises and there are no additional hosting fees.

Here are the viewing figures for the years 2012 – 2014, showing how site visits peak in the run up to the festival:-

Beer festival viewing figures

See what a succesful site looks like at



That’s the nickname given to Google’s latest update of its search algorithm whereby mobile friendliness of a website is assessed as part of its search page rankings.

It has been well publicised ahead of Google’s recently passed deadline of 21st April for taking mobile friendliness (or rather lack of it) into account.

The move has come about as a result of the change in people’s browsing habits and Google’s wish to provide relevant search results. Apparently more than 50% of websites are now viewed on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. If the websites have not been optimised for mobile devices then the user experience is likely to be disappointing with the need for horizontal scrolling, screen pinching, and links that are so close together that it is difficult to choose the right one.

There are other solutions but ideally you need to make your site design responsive. This means that you have one website design and the site’s style sheets (css) detect the device and format the information displayed accordingly.

If you are not sure whether your website is mobile freindly you can test it here:-

If it fails you or your web designer need to fix it. If you need any help or advice, get in touch

The Teddy Bear Syndrome

Have you ever struggled to solve a problem and then sought help from someone else. In explaining the problem to that person the solution becomes obvious to you.

You might as well have explained the problem to a teddy bear as the other person.

That’s the teddy bear syndrome!